English lessons

Probably a billion people in the world are currently learning English. English is the global language in which more than 80% of international businesses communicate worldwide. To function well in this globalised world it’s essential to command English.

While at university, I followed a basic training in didactics and later I obtained the internationally recognised TEFL certificate, specialising in business English and one-to-one training. Because of my experience as an editor of learning material, I am up-to-date with the latest trends in education. Plus, by working in Great Britain and with Americans for years I’ve learnt a lot about Anglo-Saxon culture and manners.

Commanding a language means much more than just drilling the meaning of words and grammar; understanding culture and manners are also important to effective communication.

*TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Group or private lessons

If you want to speak or write English better, you can apply for private or group lessons. You can also apply with a couple of friends or family members. Taking lessons in groups is not only more fun, you also learn from each other. There’s a maximum of four people per group so that I can give everyone sufficient personal attention. We will start by setting your personal learning goals and during the lessons we will keep track of your progress. To determine your start level I use the European Reference Framework (ERF). Lessons take place at your or my home and together we will set the time and the number of lessons. It’s also possible to take English lessons in combination with a cultural tour to Great Britain.


If you think English is tough or you’re afraid you may fail English, you can turn to me. We will make an appointment for a non-binding intake to determine what exactly you have difficulty with and how I can help you to improve that. You can also take lessons together with a friend, provided you both use the same learning method.


Group and private lessons

Every lesson lasts 45 minutes. You will take lessons alone or with a maximum of 3 other students. Every series of lessons starts with a (free) introductory session, so we get to know each other, can decide your start level and which method best suits you.

  • Private lesson € 30
  • 2 students € 40 per lesson (€20,- per person)
  • 3 students € 45,- per les (€15,- per person)
  • 4 students € 50,- per les (€12,50,- per person)


Tutoring lessons typically last 30 minutes, at € 15 per person.

Advantages to you:

  • you take lessons in informal and (if at your home) familiar surroundings;
  • you take lessons in small groups which allow a lot of personal attention;
  • lessons are interactive;
  • you learn about British and American culture.

In short, custom-made English!

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Ellen Janzing - Anglist