Editing & Proofreading

Sometimes it is necessary for a professional to proofread your texts before they are published. Of course, you are the expert when it comes to content, but in a professional context it is essential your written communication is linguistically sound. Easy-to-read and well-organised texts are not only attractive to their readers, but also project a better image.

Therefore, a thorough check is not an unnecessary luxury. I will not only make sure that any errors in your text are corrected, but I will also look at the consistency in the language used, the choice of words and register. And I can advise you on possible linguistic adjustments so that your message is better aimed at your target group.

Whether translations, original pieces, correspondence, speeches or marketing material: you can submit all your texts if you’re in need of a professional, fresh view in both English and Dutch.


Editing and proofreading rates are based on the number of words the source text contains. Word price depends on the quality of the text, term of delivery and volume. A rate of € 0.03 per word in Dutch and € 0.06 per word in English serves as an estimate. Factors mentioned above influence the eventual quote upwards or downwards: every quote is custom-made.

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Ellen Janzing - Anglist